Marlene F. Landy Cancer Foundation
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Board Members
The Marlene F. Landy Cancer Foundation has a panel of seven distinguished Board Members, providing guidance and structure to achieve the goals and mission of the Foundation. Click a Board Member’s name to read their brief bio and affiliation to the Foundation.

Richard A. Landy, D.D.S.

Harry Friedman

Judy Friedman, M.A.

Felicia Schrier

Ellen Rae Landy

Nicole "Nikki" Vitkus

Peggy Marks

Bruce J. Dinner, D.D.S., M.S.


Felicia Schrier
Felicia Friedman Schrier, Marlene’s only sister, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Felicia practically raised her younger siblings, Marlene and Harry, because her parents worked – a most enjoyable responsibility.

Felicia received her higher education from Omaha University, the University of Kansas City and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, majoring in Elementary Education. She met her future husband, Stan, on a blind date and they married soon after.

Felicia worked with her husband in the grocery business, starting first with a small store that Stan’s father had originated. Over the years, the Schriers continued expanding the grocery business and at retirement had 20 full-service supermarkets in Nebraska and Iowa.

Married nearly 50 years, Felicia and Stan have three children: Jeff, a business entrepreneur in auto dealerships; Jill, a certified personal trainer; and Julie, a professional in the film industry, as well as six grandchildren.

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